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Eric Tingstad’s lifelike rendition colorfully illustrates a beautiful portrait of the desert Southwest with vibrant transparency.The surreal beauty and splendor of is a picturesque representation of contemporary Americana music.The music group 2002 won the admiration of people worldwide after the release of their first album has received the highest praise from the most important and respected critics of all, being their fans.

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Included are direct links to the artist’s site so you may sample or purchase songs and albums direct from the artist or music stores.

recording is a special compilation album with 12 songs of beautiful melodies, upbeat rhythms, and a selection of wonderful vocalists from Eversound.

Their high ambitions have paid dividends by rewarding us with an outstanding collection of new albums and songs during the past year.

This year like every year I am given the opportunity to sample the newest music in most cases before the album has been released to the public.

Bindu is the pinnacle of healing music, which illuminates prestigious status as an award winning album.

Michael Brant De Maria’s leading role as an artist has resulted in many of the best albums for meditation and healing.In 2012 nearly 200 releases were sent to me for review consideration so in general terms I can say it was an outstanding year for some of the finest new songs and albums in all categories of Americana, electronic, instrumental, new age, soundtrack and world music.Like stated on my profile page, I am here to represent the artists and their music not self-promote, however if you like an artist at New Age Music World, you are invited to tell your friends at Facebook and other social media networking sites.Visit the band and sample or purchase Believe at 2002has a unique distinction in this Best Instrumental Albums publication by Michael Brant De Maria’s Nomination for Best Album in the 55th GRAMMYr Awards set for February 10, 2013.I can assure you the artists will appreciate any extra publicity you can give them by telling your friends through social media networks.With that said, permit me to tell you about a select group of artists who I admire and believe have produced an instrumental album you will enjoy too.The Artists of Eversound on The album are Stuart Hoffman, Cara Tower, Curtis Macdonald, Manuel Iman, Suzanne Ciani, Diane Arkenstone, Steve Mc Peters, Amanda Blue, Eduardo del Signore, John Adorney and Daya, with special guests Fuzzbee Morse, Richard Hardy, and supporting 10 piece ensemble.To sample or purchase the is the new Americana album from GRAMMY® Award-winning recording artist and record producer Eric Tingstad, who is a seasoned songwriting guitarist in a variety of instrumental music genres.Eric Tingstad’s diverse range of music styles are Americana, alternative country, ambient, blues, jazz, new age, rock and more.The 12 songs on is unique to most instrumental albums by the prominent lap steel and pedal steel guitar parts in unison with a professional team of artists performing on English horn, bass guitar, organ, violin oboe, trumpet and percussion.


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