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“Since you’re doing it openly now, I’d like if you would keep track of the date and times in this notebook.

Then I’ll know for sure that you’re being completely open and honest about it with me.” She handed me a small spiral notebook.

If you're looking for that I suggest you look elsewhere.

If you're looking for an entertaining story with revenge and justice, please continue.

My hand was up the leg of my shorts stroking my hardening cock.

I should have been paying attention, but I wasn’t until Ruth was almost beside me. I can’t believe you’re out here playing with yourself. ” Okay, I was embarrassed, but I obviously had needs so I remained calm as I answered my wife. I’m taking Cialis for my BPH, you know the problem I’ve been having with my prostate.

Second, either way I needed to avoid sexual contact with my wife until I was able to sort out the facts of the situation.

I wasn’t going to cheat so that left masturbation as my only outlet.

“I’m going onto the computer for a little research. I’ll be out in an hour or so to help you.” “Thank you, Ruth.

I’m sure that this problem must be more common than we think. I can’t believe you’re so understanding about this.” “You have a problem, Darling. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.” She kissed me again and walked into our home office where we had our desktop computer, printer, modem, and router for our home network.


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