Wpf binding not updating source

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If you want to show the Name property value in the UI and have the UI automatically change when the Name property value changes at run-time, you can bind the Text Block.

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Fortunately, most UIElement properties are dependency properties and most dependency properties, except read-only ones, support data binding by default.Whenever we bind a property to the text property of the text Box control, if the binding mode is set as two way in that case the value of the source property is changed only when the focus is lost from the textbox control.The way binding works for the textbox control is to improve the performance which would otherwise be diminished if we change the source property on every key stroke.This means the source of the binding will be updated when the Text Box loses focus within its focus scope (see for an overview of logical focus and focus scopes in WPF).This means that there can be times when the source data is temporarily out of sync with the target (the control).I have created a sample application to demo the Update Source Trigger. WPF data bindings do not always immediately update the source when the target (typically a WPF control, such as a Text Box) changes.Alternatively, if you are using the SDK documentation, see if the property page has a “Dependency Property Information” section. For an example, check out the There are many ways to specify your binding source, that is, to specify where your data is coming from.The simplest way is to instantiate the source object as a resource in XAML and then the Source property of the Binding to that resource (as in the last example).Through talking to people and monitoring both internal and external forums, I have compiled a list of questions people often have when first learning about WPF data binding.If you have any questions, please leave a comment and let me know!


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