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MORE: The Top Signs He Is Never Going to Commit You pay attention to his social media with the precision of a surgeon — you’re on the lookout for signs that he’s possibly seeing other girls, for signs that he isn’t as invested as you are.It feels like you’re a couple, but you don’t want to be blindsided as you’ve been so many times in the past, so you’re dying to know exactly where you stand.

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And love is a verb, it requires continuous actions.

But there is a core foundation that needs to be in place first, and that’s the part no one really talks about. [Click here to keep reading…] There are a lot of jaded women out there. The reason they feel so jaded is they feel as though they gave and gave to their man and it wasn’t enough.

Sharing your vulnerability in itself gives you power.

In fact, they all work and will make your man happy, at least in the moment.

Our specialized Domestic Violence Counselors are New York State-licensed mental health professionals focused on treating trauma reactions that many victims of crime and abuse experience.

After opening Brooklyn Women’s Center in 1995, I realized that medical support is not only what women need, but that emotional support is crucial.

Threats, insults and humiliation can be as damaging as physical abuse because it can destroy a woman’s self-worth, independence, and further insure that she is more likely to stay in the relationship because she believes she does not have control, and is not worthy of anything better.

Sexual assault is when you are forced to be involved in any type of sexual activity against your will and includes touching, vaginal, anal or oral penetration, sexual intercourse (or attempted intercourse) and of course any kind of child molestation.

However, it’s also very important to understand the male psyche and understand what men need from women in a relationship. [Click here to keep reading…] Let’s take being exclusive with him.

You’ve been spending tons of time together, you’ve met each other’s friends and families, you enjoy each other, you have great chemistry…


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