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Whether it’s arthritis, menopause, depression or something totally different altogether, what stood out is the alarming amount of men who seemingly want to make love to their wives, yet can’t.Whether that’s a willing refusal from the women in question, or their hand is forced, we’re losing our libido.That makes them the most adulterous profession of all the professions!

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Your stereotypical image of a gardener is a hot, topless and well-built man, and the same could be said of firemen, fitness instructors and the other popular responses.

Times have changed, and with the married women on our site mainly stuck in sexless marriages, they don’t want to sit and wait for someone to court them – they’re dominant, and they’ll seek the initiative to turn their seduction fantasy into a reality.” Spare a thought for postmen, however, who appear in the sexual fantasies of only 20% of women.

In this instance, they’re marrying far too prematurely. Following Vernon Kay, Ozzy Osborne and others, Horata-Osório joins the long, long list of high-profile adulterers this year alone, if The Sun’s claims are to be believed that is (they’ve never lied before, have they? It does raises a pertinent and salient question; are affairs simply a part of every day life?

Recent research has suggested that it’s down to celebrity culture and a seemingly fruitless endeavour to live the perfect life – to have the perfect marriage. Whether you’re young, old, rich, poor, attractive, ugly, male, female, there’s a very good chance that you know someone, even if not very well, who has cheated or been cheated on themselves.

The next parents’ evening is going to be an awkward experience, that’s for sure.

And there was me thinking this was just another Friday.

Little did I know however, the teachers were crossing it, only with each other.

New research claims that 27% of teachers have sex with a colleague, and in the classroom no less.

Namely, it’s the ‘peak day for affairs’ as adulterers cheat before they jet off on their summer holiday with the family, so says Illicit

I’m not sure what to make of it myself, but if you are one of the 70% having an affair today, godspeed, I guess?


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