Will updating my ram make my computer faster

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Some app developers don't put the effort that they should into doing this well, and their applications not only slow down over time, but can drag the rest of the system down with them too.

More and more software It's also not uncommon for useful software to be accompanied by "crapware" – less-than-useful add-ons like browser toolbars – that use system resources and impact performance.

Computer hardware does not typically slow down over its useful life.

Instead, there are several other reasons why smartphones, tablets and PCs start to seem less snappy.

Visual pizzazz is also a major attraction, and so desktop and mobile operating systems periodically receive significant redesigns.

All that extra functionality and glitz requires your device to do more computation than it did when it arrived home from the store.Plenty of misconceptions and conspiracy theories surround this topic.Internet searches for 'i Phone slow' spike after the release of a new-generation model, but there's no evidence to suggest that manufacturers deliberately degrade the performance of older devices with software updates.Given that it doesn't magically speed up to compensate, it has less spare capacity available to respond to you quickly.Newer apps not only tend to do more computation, they also usually take up more space in your device's storage.But with a small amount of effort, you can get the most out of your existing device.Whether you're using a phone, tablet, PC or Mac, the most useful zero-cost action you can take is to uninstall unnecessary apps and add-ons.However, in some circumstances it may be easier - AFTER carefully backing up all your data - to simply perform the equivalent of a factory reset and reinstall the operating system from scratch, adding only the apps you actually need.This article is a response to a Conversation reader question: "Why do phones, tablets and computers always slow down as they get older, to the point that they become unusable, but when I back it up and restore it onto a brand new device, it's fast again (despite not changing any of the installed software)?The good news is that you can often take steps to improve your existing device's performance.Memory bloat Each time they update, apps typically become larger and more full of features.


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