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By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features.Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today!“I think the older you get, the more you can see pure romance as a trap and something that’s a cloak, as opposed to a veil falling, which it presents itself as initially.”Farrell looks back on his younger self and shakes his head, smiling. Either you accept and move with change or you suppress it, and I much prefer to be the former as much as I can and not the latter.“But I see love all around me in the world,” Farrell declares, sounding considerably more confident than his Lobster counterpart. We’re just a multifaceted confluence of contradictions, human beings.

As fate would have it, I’m dating someone who wakes up each day to Farrell’s face on their wall. They have been conditioned to believe that pairing off into relationships is the only way of life, while regressing to animal form is a mark of utter failure.“There’s almost no life to the characters,” Farrell observes.

Every morning there he is, pistol in one hand and a pint in the other, those supremely emotive eyebrows silently pondering life and death and all that falls in between on the poster for In Bruges, the film that won the Irish actor the Golden Globe in 2009. “They’ve been so broken by dogma that they have no idea.

The tabloids can be up in celebrity's business more than the Senate Judiciary Committee is up into Trump's, but sometimes celebs do manage to keep a secret.

Ask Colin Farrell, who has been dating a woman for about two years now.

“He worked back-to-back projects and just needed a break.

He’s been sober 12 years and wanted to do this to make sure he stays that way.Theoretically, I ask Farrell, should I take this daily dose of Colin Farrell worship as a good sign or a red flag? Someone said to me that everyone in the script is looking for love. They’re just looking for partnership—so that they don’t get turned into an animal, and so they can just fulfill what they’ve been told their purpose in life is.“I think each person’s purpose in life is far transcendent of finding someone,” says Farrell. He dutifully checks into The Hotel and submits to its austere procedures, befriending two fellow guests, a man with a lisp (John C. After a series of halfhearted mishaps at the hotel, an increasingly desperate David makes a break for freedom and finds himself joining a guerilla group of Loners who live in the forest, under the equally stifling rule of their own dogmatic leader (Lea Seydoux). He didn’t make it.’ There were things that I read in the script where I went, ‘Hold up, did that just say his brother’s a fuckin’ dog?They've been spotted out together multiple times all across the globe since January 2016, but the gossip press only knows her as "mystery woman," "mystery lady," or "mysterious brunette." In photo captions, she's merely been listed as the usually dreaded "and guest." It seems as though Farrell and "mystery lady" aren't quite eager to put it all out there in public yet.It's all quite a change for an actor whose personal life used to be once watched like a hawk, and whose dating history allegedly includes Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan.‘They’ve been hanging out between takes and Colin’s suggested they go out after work.’ Biel risks swiping Jennifer Aniston’s apparently-dating-every-co-star-ever-crown at this rate, what with being linked to Gerard Butler during the filming of Playing The Field and all. Dick book ‘We Can Remember It for You Wholesale’, sci-fi flick Total Recall tells the story of construction worker Doug Quaid (originally Arnie, now Farrell), who thinks he is a secret agent.Jessica will feature as prostitute Melina in the finished film, played by Rachel Ticotin in the original. Farrell plays the doughy and bespectacled David, whose wife has left him for another man. If they can’t land a new one before their time is up, they are summarily transformed into animals and released into the forest to live out the rest of their days.There, he meets a near-sighted woman (Rachel Weisz) with whom he kindles the beginnings of what could be true, albeit forbidden, love.In the age of digital dating apps, The Lobster’s satirical take on alienation, loneliness, and the ways we forge connection land sharply.


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