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Helen had a sister Clytemnestra, who later became the wife of King Agamemnon* of Mycenae, and twin brothers Castor and Pollux, known as the Dioscuri. A shepherd discovered them and gave them to Queen Leda, who tended the eggs until they hatched and raised the children as her own.Stories claiming Leda as Helen's mother tell how Zeus disguised himself as a swan and raped the Spartan queen. In some variations of this legend, Helen and Pollux were the children of Zeus, but Clytemnestra and Castor were actually the children of Tyndareus.

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The Greeks organized a great expedition and set sail for Troy.They had a daughter and son, and Menelaus eventually became the king of Sparta. Paris, a prince of Troy, traveled to Sparta on the advice of the goddess Aphrodite*.She had promised him the most beautiful woman in the world after he proclaimed her the "fairest" goddess.something Now, after a new interview with Channel 9’s We’re not one to cast judgement on what someone does or does not deem the best day of their life, but we’re about to cast judgement on what Troy deemed the best day of his life. The best day of his life, he says, was his fake wedding. Some stories say Helen went willingly, seduced by Paris's charms.Others claim that Paris kidnapped her and took her by force.Helen's brothers Castor and Pollux rescued her while Theseus was away and brought her back to Sparta.According to some stories, before Helen left Attica, she had given birth to a daughter named Iphigenia.When Paris saw Helen, he knew that Aphrodite had kept her promise.While Menelaus was away in Crete, Paris took Helen back to Troy.


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