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He also participated in the Ethan Hawke Off-Broadway play “Sophistry,” where Steve caught the eye of Ben Stiller, who signed Steve up for his directorial debut “Reality Bites.” Thanks to Stiller’s help, Steve was a burgeoning presence perfect for supporting roles.Tom Hanks took note, bringing Steve aboard for “That Thing You Do!” and later “From the Earth to the Moon” and “You’ve Got Mail.” Steve made further impressions on critics and audiences as Glenn Michaels in Steven Soderbergh’s “Out of Sight” in 1998.

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Like its two predecessors, “War for the Planet of the Apes” is very, very serious, and it takes the time to flesh out its grim world. They don’t have the guts to sit back and settle, to let you get invested in character,” Zahn says.

When not working on projects, he lives with his family on a farm in Kentucky, as far removed from establishment Hollywood as possible. Club Random Roles: Steve Zahn A chat with Steve on some of his most memorable roles throughout the years.

Steve’s outsider perspective has not only shown itself in his work onscreen, but in his down to earth outlook on life. TV Guide: Steve Zahn Latest news, video clips of Steve at work, and photos. Movies Detailed bio, list of milestones, links to new projects, and stills from past films. UGO “Rescue Dawn” Diary Steve notes a day’s work promoting “Rescue Dawn.” SPLICEDwire “Sahara” Interview 2005 chat with Steve on the “Sahara” experience.

It finds that human-ape relations have gotten even more frayed than they were before.

Zahn plays “Bad Ape,” a traumatized former zoo animal who joins up with chimpanzee rebel leader Caesar (Andy Serkis) as he battles a psycho Colonel (Woody Harrelson) who wants all apes dead.


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