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At the age of 22, Scott's film debut was the comedy-drama You Came Along (1945).During the shooting of You Came Along, Hal Wallis showed Scott's screen test to Hollywood columnist Bob Thomas.When Michael Myerberg pulled Grahame from the play for another experimental production in Philadelphia Joe Russell was in the Plymouth Theatre audience that night.

Impressed by Scott's Sadie Thompson, he hired her as the understudy for Tallulah Bankhead, despite Bankhead's protests.

Bankhead was the star of Thornton Wilder's new play The Skin of Our Teeth (1942).

The play ran from November 18, 1942 to September 25, 1943.

During her time with the production, Scott played the role of "Girl/Drum Majorette." Describing her own experience with Bankhead, Scott recalled, "She never spoke to me, except to bark out commands. I told her to say 'please,' and after that she did." as the understudy, Scott never had an opportunity to substitute for Bankhead, as Scott's presence guaranteed Bankhead's.

Wallis told Thomas, "Notice how her eyes are alive and sparkling...

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Once in a while she reads a line too fast, but direction will cure that.

By happenstance or design, Wallis was also at the club that night.

Hoffman introduced Scott to Wallis, who arranged for an interview the following day.

In June 1946, At the age of 24, Scott's billing and portrait were equal to Humphrey Bogart's on the film's lobby posters and in advertisements.

Most often portrayed in publicity stills was the Jean Louis gown-and-glove outfit worn in the nightclub scene.


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