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Then I usually do jujitsu for about an hour and a half, then I eat salmon.

Then I go home, ice my old man knees, watch Apple TV, and tweet, because I don’t have any actual friends to talk to.

Here lies Defamer, a Hollywood gossip site launched by Gawker Media in 2004 and maintained, with varying degrees of effort and resources, until 2015. The site’s archives are maintained here, but no new posts will be published at this page. Things are rapidly changing in the Kardashian/Jenner household, so we’re thankful that we have a safe space in which we can keep up. Josh Duggar, Jessa Duggar Seewald, and her husband of a year, Ben Seewald, just had their very first baby of what will undoubtedly be millions.

Its writers and editors over the years have included Mark Lisanti, A. Speaking of keeping up, let’s dive right in to this lightly packed premiere and uncover when and why we were lied to by Calabasas’ first family. , an album that contains a fair amount of listenable material from Bieber (at least three songs! Preceding this album has been a string of derpily titled singles—“Where Are Ü Now,” “What Do You Mean,” “Sorry”—that work on their own as proper songs and don’t require built-in fandom for appreciation. And of all the names in the world, they chose to name their baby boy Spurgeon.

Her blog is called The Lo Down and is actually kind of fun. Here's a brief extract from In Style's The Hills, An Oral History where Spencer recounts his everyday life now.

Also she's got a podcast called Lady Lovin' which also seems pretty cool. ' Every morning, I make two 32 gram shots of Zip Zinger espresso.

Last year he opened a sober living house for men in Laguna Beach called Widespread Recovery. Brent Bolthouse was the events promoter that Heidi used to 'work' for. Lauren wins the prize for being the shiniest, most polished lifestyle blogger in the whole wide world. She's named her blog jokingly Heidi ' Momtag' because it's about learning to be a 'mom'. Then you might also be interested in: Heidi And Spencer Are The Subject Of A Film.

Which meant that she stood on the door in a nice dress and let her friends into star-studded events where people wore terrible clothes. His Instagram tagline now is ' Capturing life with my Leica Monochrome is my passion' and by all accounts he's still wildly successful. What A Time To Be Alive Apparently Lauren Conrad Was Locked In A Basement At Heidi And Spencer’s Wedding Made In Chelsea 11.7 Biscuits Possibly Plays Away, Toff’s Dressed To Slay, And It’s Time For A Cabaret!

Luckily he got his life back on track and has been sober since 2010.

He's now married to a lady called Ashley and the two look super happy. She's worth an estimated million, has released nine books, had various fashion and accessory lines and recently got married. Heidi's sister Holly looks like she has a lovely live.


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