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However, nude swimming was not as common as it once was in the earlier decades of the nineteenth century.

] "Summer Scene" by the French painter Frederic Bazille (1841-1870). Bazille, 1869", shows the type of short bathing drawers (called "calecons" in France) which were worn by male swimmers in Europe in the 1860s.

A few days after returning from his honeymoon, Frank Kilvert died of peritonitis at the age 38."Ilyssus" an illustration in George Du Maurier's novel "Trilby" showing three men wearing French-style bathing-drawers ("calecons") at a swimming bath on the Seine.

Although the novel was serialised in 1894, the novel is set in Paris during the late 1850s and the costumes illustrated in the book reflect this fact.

Leonard Reuben Styer, who was born on 23rd March 1843 in Northampton, the son of Abraham Styer, a German Jew, established a dental practice at 26 Old Steine, Brighton, in 1878.

John Hawgood (1844-1896), a London-born furniture dealer, was a swimming champion and Captain of the Brighton Swimming Club during the early 1880s.

By 1862, Benjamin Botham had acquired a new photographic studio at 43 Western Road, Brighton. 33 Clarence Square provided a rear entrance to his studio in Western Road).

Benjamin Botham worked as a professional photographer in Brighton from 1861 until 1868.

Unaccustomed to such things and customs I had in my ignorance bathed naked and set at naught the conventionalities of the place and scandalized the beach.

However some little boys who were looking on at the rude naked man appeared to be much interested in the spectacle, and the young ladies who were strolling near seemed to have no objection." "Bathing yesterday and to-day ...


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