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The people who know me know I’m not a racist.” After his firing, WWE has not acknowledged Hogan, although there has been a bit of a softening on that hardline stance, especially when it comes to airing footage on the WWE Network.

Meanwhile, Brooke's second album, , is due out July 21 and, she promises, will continue to bring the drama."You can be judged by talking about it or you can be judged by not.

Hogan’s daughter Brooke indicated that talks were ongoing to bring the iconic Hogan back for Wrestlemania 33 in his home state of Florida.

Her love is not real and not right."She adds that she believes Hill is simply using her mother for material gain and whatever fame he can leech off her tabloid status."He's getting suicide doors for his Mazda and getting ski trips to Big Bear and getting new clothes fromm Hurley and Roxy and Quicksilver and stuff.

I don't know why my mom would even fall for it."I personally don't like him."However, while her family life may be in turmoil, there is some good news on the horizon for the star."Life has been really rocky, but it's starting to look up," she says, adding that she'd be willing to call a truce if she saw "a soul and personality change" from her mom.

Now: After the show, Nick spent time in jail after crashing his car under the influence.

Based on his Instagram, he appears to have a girlfriend these days and he's also busy DJing and hosting racing events.He wanted to be a pro wrestler like his dad, but was a pro drifter for Dodge until 2007.The year prior to the show ending, he got his Formula-D license.After initially being awarded 0.1 million, Hogan and Gawker settled for million and a portion of the proceeds from Gawker’s recent sale to Univision, according to report.Hogan was fired in July 2015 after a , Hogan said, “’It’s probably the stupidest thing I ever said …He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005, the first season of the show.Now: The WWE star has made appearances in several movies and shows, including Then: Fans got to watch former pro wrestler Hulk as a protective father to his two kids, Brooke and Nick."How could I ever look at her and be like, 'You kind of threw me in front of the bus in front of the whole world.'"Who does that to their kid?"Not papa Hulk Hogan, for one."I'm just looking at how my dad's treating me and how my mom's treating me, and my mom has kind of backstabbed me a couple times.""I feel betrayed," she adds.In addition to her plastic surgery secrets, Linda also recently not so subtly hinted that her daughter may sometimes stretch the truth, such as when Brooke spoke out earlier this year about hearing from mutual friends that her mother—and her mother's 20-year-old boyfriend, Charlie Hill—may be experimenting with illegal substances."We don't know what kind! "I'm trying to stay out of it."Asked what she thinks of Hill, a former schoolmate of Brooke and brother Nick, Brooke replies, "He is a loser.I don't have a problem with age, it's more about character.


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