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I’d gone to the hotel on a little Vespa with a sidecar I used to take the dogs in. We were driving around in Sag Harbour, a tiny place, and he still didn’t know where he was going.I said, “Give me some landmarks” and he says, “There’s trees and some water.” We were surrounded by trees and water.” I guess he wants to remain relevant, but if they don’t sell, what’s the point? I used to have a cute nose, but now it’s busted up.’‘If someone has an opinion they can say, “In my opinion, I hated the music,” but if they were saying something that was not correct, I’d call them out. I’ve pretty much proven myself.’'It was heartbreaking.

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Here he explains why 'It has to be a pretty unique arrangement to find the right person for a lifetime.

But when things didn’t work out, I never blamed my wife or myself,' said Billy Joel (pictured with his fourth wife Alexis)His gait is slow and deliberate. Once on stage he’s exuberant and makes the giant venue feel like a living room – he holds the record for selling out 36 shows there in three years, more than any other artist.‘So I said, “To hell with this, the front row is not on the market.” I send my road crew to the cheap seats and they pick who they want in front – the cutest girls they can find. That amps it up.’Joel with ex-wife Christie Brinkley in 1983.

‘We got talking about music, shot the s*** and then he asked for a ride back.

But he didn’t know how to get to where he was staying.

The 30 days has come and gone with no response from Gilbert.

He’s worth an estimated 0 million, having sold more than 150 million records - including She’s Always A Woman To Me, New York State Of Mind and Uptown Girl, but he hasn’t produced any new music in 23 years.In your 20s you go through so many changes and I was too old to do the things people in their 20s want to do.Go out, be seen, schmooze.’‘I’ve tried to figure that out. It has to be a pretty unique arrangement to find the right person for a lifetime.‘She inspired the whole album [An Innocent Man] – I went back to being a teenager again.The rock star and the supermodel, that was a thing for a while,' he said The crowd roar till they are hoarse, happy to sing along to hits like She’s Always A Woman To Me, New York State Of Mind and Uptown Girl – songs that have made him a household name.She reminded him of his mother, who was his role model. People can say I’m coasting, but I stopped wanting to write songs. Your personal life goes to hell in a handcart because you’re in a cave.All you’re doing is thinking about songs in your own hell. I just stopped wanting to do it.‘Elton [John] was always saying, “Why don’t you do a new album? ” And I would reply, “Why don’t you put out fewer albums?But after about a year she moved back to New York and everything was hunky dory.’‘We hit it off but she wasn’t ready for babies and I respected that.She was too young when we got married [in 2004, when Lee was 23].‘We didn’t,’ he says (even though Elton said, ‘Billy is a conundrum and he’s got alcohol issues’).‘That’s NOT the reason we’re not touring any more. Jews living in Nuremburg had citizenship stripped, businesses stolen by the Nazis. It came naturally to me and it had all the emotion in it. But I’ve never closed the door on writing songs.’‘It was the first time I ever took a vacation,’ he says.I got tired of doing the same show over and over again and I think his agent told him we were going to do more dates that I never agreed to. Don’t talk to my agent, talk to me.”‘At one point he said I went to a rehab that allowed me to have a dog. A couple of years ago I went to a fundraiser for his Aids foundation and I said, “Don’t throw your friends under the bus.”’‘When my parents split up, my father went back to Europe and I never saw him again. His family went to Cuba as there was a quota on Jews in America. I wasn’t afraid of anybody.‘I took piano lessons when I was young and the piano teacher also taught ballet and the guys down the street would say, “Billy, where’s your tutu? So I went to the Police Boys Club where they did boxing.’‘No, because I wasn’t that good a pianist and I’m still not. ‘I started to play the piano in a bar, feeling blue because I’d just gone through the divorce and I looked up and there were Elle Macpherson, Christie Brinkley and Whitney Houston standing at the piano.


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