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First, Iris Piltone leads her comrades to the discovery of the downed pilot Windy Bug, then sits concerned, watching over him: Alana gets possibly the best line in the movie, “You’re messing with the wrong girl! The trailer of the film by writer/director Bruno Genovese reveals a very oddball (but also very engaging) movie starring a bunch of kids in a futuristic setting.

) Here’s a dramatic image from the video featuring Alana that definitely leaves you wanting to see the finished product: She’s also just started her own Twitter feed in the last 24 hours, so if you’re a fan, you might want to start following!

For any aspiring singers or actresses, take a look at Alana Lee’s resume.

Word is this was originally made to pitch a TV series, but may eventually see light as a TV movie or DVD release. It looks like a very creative enterprise that a lot of hard work went into by cast and crew. ) The most professional of Alana’s film endeavors is “The Measure of a Man”, starring Jarin Stevens and Jules Hartley.

Alana plays the role of Mary, the daughter of Donald P.

She has also used her maiden name, Alana Collins, and her names from her first marriage, Alana Collins-Hamilton and Alana Hamilton, professionally. Collins signed with Ford Models and traveled to Los Angeles for many television and commercial appearances. Her first role was a bit part in the biographical film Evel Knievel which starred her then-husband, George Hamilton.

She later appeared in small roles in television shows such as The Bionic Woman and Fantasy Island.These are the kinds of things you might want to consider doing so you’ll be better prepared for the road to stardom. A movie role or perhaps even better, a new single to follow up “Butterflies”?Would you rather see Alana focus on acting or singing…or both?” And you can say you were someone who saw it way back when!In this goofy and cute sci-fi project, Alana plays the role of Iris Piltone, and one of Alana’s best friends, Laci Kay, stars as Pixie.Rectifying that situation is what Starcasm is here for!To recap what we already know: In the wake of all the attention shown to Rebecca Black and her song, there were a sizable handful of other AMF videos to take a look at.Most of the filming of “The Incybers” was done during the summer of ’09, so Alana would only have been 10 or 11 at the time.Here’s a picture of Alana with her co-stars Laci Kay and Sophia Linkletter: Here’s some fun pics from the film!There’s been all this talk about Rebecca Black and “Friday”, but the artist and song from Ark Music Factory that has most impressed us is Alana Lee and “Butterflies.” (Check out our review of the “Butterflies” video HERE).Rebecca’s appeared on TV and been quoted in newspaper and magazine features, but we know relatively little about Alana.


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