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He served three months in the Atlanta penitentiary for prescribing morphine to a Mr. They are commonly known as the Church of the Brethren today. If the Russell Party was the one that discovered the massacre of the James Boone Party, and since we know from several sources that the massacre occurred on Wallen’s Creek, then it would seem that Russell had known to follow the parties of Daniel and of James down Wallen’s Creek.I have tried to find a location for this church in Blackwater, Virginia without success. It is important to note that at its nearest point, the Hunter’s Trace passes 1 ½ miles to the west of the mouth of Wallen’s Creek.

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The earliest record of an official mention was in their Annual Conference minutes for 1797, held at Blackwater, Virginia: “It was considered good, and also concluded unanimously, that no brother or sister should have negroes as slaves; and in case a brother or sister had such he or she was to set them free.” [1] This had the effect of barring members from Communion and even disfellowshipping those who persisted in retaining slaves. The first is for Daniel to have camped north of Powell River (which is north of Wallen’s Ridge) somewhere in the Flatwoods or White Shoals area, and for James to have camped near the mouth of Wallen’s Creek.

Again the issue was similarly reflected in the minutes of the 1713 Conference held at Coventry, Pennsylvania.” This is interesting since my direct ancestors fought for the Union although they were Southerners. Apparently, German Baptists played a big part in the battle of Sharpsburg. The Wallen’s Creek Trail and the trail that had come from Station Creek come together at White Shoals.

He had a good treatment record for the flu epidemic of 1917-18. AJ Osborne’s) medicine house and he would also travel on horseback to see patients long distances away. When he reached the medicine house, the horse would nudge the door to make enough noise to wake the doc. AJ Osborne’s story can be found at The Country Doctor and Natural Medicine Newsletter at I remember Dad telling me that my great-grandpa, Elbert Roberts, attended a German Baptist Church in Blackwater. Talleaferro William Taylor Barton Terry Ben Terry Charles Terry David Terry Harry Terry Henry Terry Jno. Fuller Zachariah Fuller William Goodman James Gravely, Junr. We know that Daniel and James took different trails, as James “got lost”.

He was a Mason, Odd Fellow, and member of the Blackwater Lick (Big Door) Church. There’s simply too much information to put on my page. The German Baptist were also known as “Dunkers” since they believed in completely immersing a person three times during baptism. William Price William Ryburn Nimrod Scott Joshua Shirlock Samuel Slate Ben. Watson Henry Edmund Hodges Jesse Hodges Thomas Hodges Luther Hopper Robert Hopper Harrison Hubbard Caleb Hundley John Jackson Samuel Johnson William Johnson Alexander Lackey James Lynch William Mc Geehee David Mc Kinney Stephen Mc Millan Mathew Martin William Mathews William Mayes James Mitchell William Morgan John Mullins William Mullins William Neally William Oliver John Pearson William Pigg Richard Prewitt Hugh Reynolds Joseph Reynolds John Roberts William Roberts Benjamin Sexton George Smith Joseph Standley John Warren John White Lankford’s List John Ballinger John Barrett, Jr. William Betterton John Brewer James Buckley John Buckley Francis Chumley John Cleaver Stephen Collins Soloman Cross John Dickerson William Doss Abraham Downey Peter Downey Elisha Dyer Charles Farris, Jr. Since James was on Wallen’s Creek, and was lost from Daniel’s trail, this means that Daniel had taken either the Station Creek version of the trail, or the Hunter’s Trace.

Finally, the man asked him, “Why do you wear your beard that way? But I still don’t understand why you wear your beard that way.” I hope that I didn’t offend you. The preponderance of evidence points to Daniel’s having camped at the mouth of Station Creek, and James at Fannon’s Spring.

My Dad and Grandpa got tickled when they told that story. It is, after all, about fifteen miles from Fannon’s Spring to the mouth of Wallen’s Creek and to the Flatwoods segment of the Wilderness Trail.

Osteopathy takes a “whole body” or “holistic” approach and focused on prevention more than treatment. Wright Malachiah (unknown) Persons Refusing to take Oath Abrm. Kirby Uriah Pruitt William Russell Thomas Dillard, List Chas. Adams Henry Barton William Bingham John Bowmer Henry Brown James Brown Robert Bruce William Cash William Chick James Childress Major Childress Matthew Childress Isaac Clement Stephen Clements Joseph Collon William Collon John Dillard James Doss James Doss John East, Sen. East Samuel Eblin Richard Ellis Edward Evens George Evens George Evens, Jr. Hutchings David James Edward Jones Thomas Jones John Justice Joseph Leak Thos. Pass Reuben Payne William Porter William Ragsdale William Right William Russell John Shackleford Cornelius Short James Singleton Thos. Watkins David Watt George West Rawley White Beverly Willard John Williams Joseph T. Luck James Maybee Henry Mitchell Joseph Moody Daniel Morgan George Morgan Francis Short Joel Short William Sizzer John Stone Joshua Stone Rich. Todd Meshack Turner Shadrick Turner Abner Vance Matthew Vance Thos. These events are documented by the Draper Manuscripts 6 C 14; 6 C 7-20; 6 S 79-83; 11CC 12; 13C 133; which are well collated in the book Indian Raids and Massacres of Southwest Virginia by Luther F. The Fannon’s Spring data is contained in an article in the “Powell Valley News” written by J. The Hargis information is obtained from Henrietta Hargis Reynolds’ article in The Heritage of Russell Co. The most persuasive information concerning the location of the murders of the James Boone Party is the testimony of Adam, whose story was recorded by militia officers at the time.

The first school of osteopathic medicine was opened in Kirksville, MO, in 1892. Leak John Martin Jacob Meadows George Murphy James Murphy, Jun. Williams William Williams John Willis William Willis John Yates Richard Yates Capt. Adam said that he hid under a pile of driftwood beside Wallen’s Creek beside the Wilderness Trail.

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