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Yeah, it sits uncomfortably in the middle of Anderson’s career and sometimes play like a watered down version of his previous work, but it also features Bill Murray as a vengeful shark hunter, Seu Jorge covering David Bowie, Cate Blanchett radiating right off the screen, Willem Dafoe as an over-sensitive German sailor, and Bud Cort giving us the closer that “Harold and Maude” never did.

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Tracy speaks Japanese but mostly yammers on in English.

Fox.”) The dogs have been abandoned by their masters; damningly, only Atari has set off on a rescue mission.

Yet most haven’t relinquished their connections to their peopled past. The story of the abused animals of Trash Island evokes tales of pain and suffering like “Black Beauty” and “Beautiful Joe.” Mr.

Anderson clearly didn’t want subtitles competing with his visuals.

So when the Japanese characters speak, their words are usually reduced to the decorative, at least for non-Japanese speakers.


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