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Rubber Duck were being harassed by the Floor Flipper, which allowed Apollo to line up a great drive, before throwing the tiny robot over the polycarbonate screen and out of the arena.

Apollo pushed Pinza, and finally got one of the clusterbots onto its flipper, sending Pinza flying through the air, where it bounced down behind Sir Killalot.After 'cease', Apollo flipped Pinza again, before unsuccessfully attempting to flip Sir Killalot over; however, the latter moment was not shown on television.Sabretooth turned and allowed Apocalypse to slam into the rear of their machine.Apollo tried to flip Rubber Duck by the wall, but missed and only succeeded in turning themselves over.Apollo tried to line up Skype for a flip, but its wedge shape allowed it to drive off.Behemoth then attacked Donald Thump, but were flipped over by the recoil from the spinner.Sabretooth then slammed drum-first into Donald Thump, loosening a front panel.Apocalypse slammed into Rubber Duck, and were then set on by Apollo, but nothing came of the attack as Apollo misjudged their flip.Apocalypse shoved Blenda towards the wall, but were vulnerable to Apollo, which flipped Apocalypse cartwheeling back onto their wheels.Apollo pushed Apocalypse across the arena, and sent them flying again, this time landing in the grasp of Sir Killalot.Apocalypse were stuck on the flame pit, and Sir Killalot picked the robot up, before dumping it back down stuck.


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