Vodafone 845 updating to android 2 2

vodafone 845 updating to android 2 2-15
Its 2.8-inch QVGA screen screams budget phone, but we won’t discriminate.The guys at The Unwired first gave us a sneak peak at the small bugger, and now it’s official: the Vodafone 845 (what some may …

We first heard about the entry-level Vodafone 845 AKA ' Huawei Joy' in March of 2010 with some nice specs, in April more pics were leaked showing the actual device & then in May this beauty was officially announced and expected to be launched late May.

Specs include and confirm the handsets pimps with Android 2.1 , a 2.8" inch resistive touch-sensitive display, 3.2 megapixel camera and the essential specs you would expect including GPS, Bluetooth and Wi Fi.

We first heard about the Vodafone 845 about a month ago and the rumors came with a few solid specs that proved correct: 2.8″ QVGA screen, 3.2MP cam, and otherwise budget Android that actually packs Android 2.1!

The folks at The Unwired have snagged a half dozen photos of the phone which will be the smallest …

It's also confirmed this handset will come with some Vodafone apps pre-installed and integration with their Vodafone 360 services.

Branded for Vodafone, the 845 will actually be manufactured by Huawei as the Huawei Joy.

This is the type of device I could only recommend in good conscious if you were looking for something to break your Android addiction. It may look like nothing Android you’ve ever seen, but I assure you it’s an Eclair device. Vodafone’s finally launched their own-branded device – the Vodafone 845 – after months of first word coming out from “camp leak”.

You can grab the phone on a 15 pounds-per-month tariff and a two-year agreement (100 minutes, 500 texts, 500MB of data) at the cheapest rate. When we first glanced at Vodafone’s first self-branded Android phone, it kind of took us by surprise: it’s surprisingly small.

There are some elements confirmed to be working, but some other features are still limited.

However, the developers of CM9 said to expect a new and improved release of their custom ROM that should fix all the bugs in the current version.


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