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But hold firm and tell him it’s not up for discussion. No matter how well you handle things, he might still be overbearing.

I’m pretty annoyed at being accused of being offensive for my use of the words “cheese sandwich” and don’t want to bring it up as I can’t see a way of that conversation going well (I’m not planning to apologize; I don’t think I need to?! I realize the obvious solution is just to never ever mention food (or nutrition or words that aren’t vegan) again, but I need help with how to get back to a place where I feel like I am comfortable in my work environment rather than slightly on edge in case he kicks off at me again for some insane reason.

Well, first, let’s state for the record that this isn’t about veganism or vegans; it’s about one rude guy who happens to be vegan.

He could comment on your food, or he could overhear a conversation you’re having with someone else, or you might bring baked goods for the whole office, or who knows what.

So I think you’ll feel more comfortable if you’re armed with some phrases to use if that happens.


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