Validating through firewall

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Configuration reviews may be mandatory for firewalls that process regulated data.In fact, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) requires quarterly firewall reviews for systems involved in payment card processing.

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This is especially true for traffic that originates from inside your network.Validation means checking that the configuration would enable the firewall to perform the security functions that we expect it to do and that it complies with the security policy of the organization.You cannot validate a firewall by looking at the policy alone.Service provider takeaway: Regulatory and standards compliance can provide several challenges from both a business and a technical perspective.This section of the chapter excerpt from the book The IT Regulatory and Standards Compliance Handbook:: How to Survive Information Systems Audit and Assessments will focus on validating firewalls. Firewall configurations should be validated before they are put into production (a live environment).Manage Locks for Restricting Configuration Changes You can use configuration locks to prevent other administrators from changing the candidate configuration or from committing configuration changes ...You should leverage the reference firewall policy that you have created to check that successive builds of the product comply with it.Proper change management procedures and policies around the firewall rulebase should be observed at all times.Every time a new rule is made, the firewall should be validated again as a whole, not just for the particular rule that was added or changed.Abnormal traffic patterns should be investigated immediately.If servers that normally receive a low volume of traffic are suddenly responsible for a significant portion of traffic passing through the firewall (either in total connections or bytes passed), then this might be a situation worthy of further investigation.


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