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The following script illustrates the correct way to assign variables with JScript: VBScript exhibits the same behavior if the collection contains multiple values that are comma-separated or indexable.This means that for both VBScript and JScript, in addition to placing a pair of empty parentheses following the Request collection item, you will need to specify the index of the desired value.In this example, there are five input form elements called buttons.

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Without parentheses, the collection returns an object, rather than a string.For example, the following line of JScript returns only the first of multiple values for a form element: A common use of intranet and Internet server applications is to accept user input by implementing a form in your Web page.ASP includes the following two collections in the Request object to help process form information: the Query String collection and the Form collection.Another method is to write a short function that tests form input for invalid characters. In this lesson, you create an HTML page that accepts user input in an HTML form and sends the user input back to the Web server to the same page. Later in this module, you use this knowledge about forms to build a guest book application that uses ASP scripting.To complete this lesson, you perform the following tasks: Forms can contain many different kinds of elements to help your users enter data. I'd like to set all checkbox default value as false. I use the Default Values Needed event but not working. For example, by placing error information adjacent to the form field where invalid information was entered, you make it easier for the user to discover the source of the error.(Typically, Web-based forms forward requests to a separate Web page containing error information.For example, use your Web browser's source viewing feature to examine how HTML forms are created on other Web sites.Also, visit the Microsoft MSDN Online Web site to learn innovative ways of using HTML forms with other Internet technologies.


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