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Some titles on Steam boast support for multiple VR headset models allowing users to play them on the Oculus Rift of HTC Vive.The Vive, which remains the Rift’s most-direct competitor, runs on Valve’s Steam VR platform though HTC has been seeking to build up its own app store called Viveport as an alternative.Developers control the default bindings for each controller type, and can offer alternate control schemes directly without the need to change the games themselves.

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This new input system also allows developers to adapt their games more easily to diverse controllers.Steam store in a less-than-seamless capacity, forcing users to navigate into settings and enable off-platform launching in desktop, but for VR users browsing in their headsets for titles they own, the only visible content has been what they’ve purchase from the Oculus store directly.For Oculus there’s been the obvious desire to control the quality of content, but given the popularity of Steam this really was getting to be a frustration for users and promoting some fracturing of experience between what could be done on desktop as opposed to in-headset using Oculus software For many, Steam has proven a better home for desktop VR content as many PC gamers use the software to manage their regular PC games as well.This allows users to customize their experience for each application.The first feature we are rolling out is per-application resolution adjustment.Customers who have GPUs that can’t quite render the native resolution of their headset will automatically see images rendered at a slightly lower resolution that is more appropriate for the speed of their GPU.More clarification about this at the bottom of the post.Today we are excited to introduce a new feature in Steam VR Beta that allows customers to get the best visual experience out of their GPU, lowers the cost of VR, and makes developer’s lives a little bit easier.We’re doing this by custom-tuning application resolution so that it is optimal for each customer’s GPU and VR headset. The Steam VR runtime measures the speed of your GPU and tells applications to render at an appropriate resolution based on the power of your GPU.In addition, with the introduction of Steam VR Input, hardware designers are free to try more kinds of input.They can expose whatever input controls exist on their device and then describe that device to the system.


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