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Capacity8 GB (about 2,000 songs)16 GB (about 4,000 songs)Solid-state flash memory Screen320 x 2402 inches65,000 colors Supported Media Formats Colors Black Silver Purple Blue Green Yellow Orange Red Pink Battery Life Audio: 24 hours Video: 4 hours Connectors Dock connector Dimensions3.6 x 1.5 x 0.24 inches Weight1.3 ounces.

It's shrunk compared to its predecessor and adds a multi-touch screen covering the face of the device.

Apple said that a tenth of 1% of nanos had defective, especially scratchable, screens, and replaced cracked screens and provided cases to protect the screens.

Some nano owners filed a class action suit against Apple, which the company eventually settled.

The i Pod nano is the i Pod of choice for people who want a balance of small size, lightweight, and great features. It's a small, thin i Pod with a small color screen and a USB connector.

While the original nano was simply a music player, later models added a wealth of terrific features, including an FM radio, a video camera, integration with the Nike exercise platform, podcast support, and the ability to display photos. The first-generation i Pod nano has rounded corners, as opposed to the slightly sharper corners of the second-generation models. models are also slightly smaller than the first generation.


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