Updating ios249 with wad manager

updating ios249 with wad manager-65
will later allow you to specify a different IOS slot if you want to use different features (they will be detailed in other pages of this guides).The default IOS defined in the User's Settings is 249.

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It has no other purpose than speeding the launching delay of the loader.

It installs a Channel on the Wii System Menu but it does not include the The Forwarder is the preferred installation of many users, and it shares the advantage of both first modes: "Easy update" from the computer, and a "Channel" available on the Wii System Menu.

You don't need to go into the Homebrew Channel anymore to launch the loader and all the needed files are kept on your external device.

If you want to use the IOS in slot 249 and you are already using will need to change it and reload the one you specified in the User's Settings before continuing the loading process.

Reloading an IOS can takes up to 2 additional seconds.


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