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NET Native compiler, Package Reference support for UWP projects targeting the Creators Update, XAML Intelli Sense warnings for types and properties that are not available on all Windows versions, support for creation of streaming install packages, as well as creation of optional packages and related sets.To get started building Windows apps with the Creators Update SDK, read the instructions at this post.I was able to get it working for me on Ubuntu 14 by purging the "code" package which I installed through apt, and then deleting the entire $HOME/.vscode directory, and then reinstalling VS code, and the extension.

The database Filename is supposed to be output by our tool and not received as an input.

Xamarin Workbooks provides a blend of documentation and code that is perfect for experimentation, learning, and creating guides.

In this update, we’ve added support for C# 7 with Roslyn 2.0.

Let's close, my Open Suse had to had a mistake somewhere. What helps is simply to disable and enbale Microsoft's C/C Intelli Sense.

Laptop's halt/resume cycle makes Intelli Sense to update endlessly.


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