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While Access does have record-level locking, you may still receive errors that another user is currently in the database and you cannot make changes.To avoid this, you provide each end user with their own front-end database file, each linked to the same Access Data File.Lastly, all versions allow you to disable Full Menus (the ribbon in Access 2007/2010) and right-click Shortcut Menus if you want to further limit user's options.

To hide the database window in 20, select "Tools Startup..." from the menu, and uncheck the "Display Database Window" option.This article discusses key best practices to deploy your Access database.This item is a must to make upgrades to your end users easier.Most commonly, on a shared network drive or even a shared folder on your own machine (as long as your machine is on when the file is needed by other users! You can back up your Access Data File whenever you need to, and relocate the file if needed.You will need to make sure the front-end database file(s) always know where the Access Data File resides.If it moves, you can manually restore the links to the new location, do so programmatically, or use a tool like UI Builder for Access to help prompt the user to find the new location.Storing your forms/reports/macros/VB in the same file with your tables also presents a problem when you need to make updates.When preparing your front-end database file for delivery to users, you will want to consider what you want to allow your users to be able to do with your front-end file.If you want to allow them to make design changes, open tables directly, edit or view VB source code, then you can deliver the file "as is." More commonly, you will expect users to have much more limited capability to simply view the forms and reports as you have prepare them, without being able to view or change the form/report/code design.A common question raised by many Access users creating a multi-user database is how best to deliver your solution so that it is secure, fast, and upgradeable.Access database deployment within your organization, or to your end customers, should be well thought out in advance to avoid performance issues, reliability problems, or potentially significant security or data loss issues.


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