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If after a few seconds you don't see anything, then the camera may not be on, or other viewers are already "tuned" in and are using up all allocated bandwidth.

That's how he found out the IP address of my computer. There probably wasn't, but I was so nervous I just had to call for help.

I explained there was somebody outside my house watching me through my windows.

The bedroom was very simple, with just a bed and a laptop on a desk. I bookmarked the link and would watch it every single day. It seemed to be in the same timezone as I was, given that our suns would set at the same time. The lights were always on, even though nobody was at home. There was something eerie about watching that house in complete dark. I clicked the bedroom camera to see if I could still listen to the sound. In the hallway camera, there was sound but it was much quieter. He said sometimes he would be watching his footage and sometimes he would be watching there's.

I could never catch anyone inside, but every day there was something slightly different about it. In the back of my mind I was actually concerned whoever lived in there was unaware their place was publicly visible on the internet. Their cameras were not controllable like some were (you could pan left and right on some of them, but not all). I had bought a couple of beers and some snacks, planning to spend the rest of the night on my computer. I looked through all three cameras again, trying to discern something, anything in the dark. He said it was like a common thing to get drunk and watch people shoplift and shit.But there was something so exciting about this forbidden spying. The TV in the living room was very similar to mine. People look at me strange when they come over and see tape on my laptop camera, when I try to explain to them how easy it is for creeps and perverts to gain access they think I'm just being paranoid but hopefully people start to become more aware how easily it is for their privacy to be invaded digitally in this day and age.From the hallway camera, you could see a little of the kitchen in the background. I felt a rush of excitement, followed by a chill on my neck down through my spine. It was always night when I browsed these cameras, but the footage was always visible. I had a teacher once tell me a similar story how he purchased a set of wireless webcams and somehow the company had given his webcam IP to a grocery store in another state and vice versa.I decided I had to stop at once but the next day one camera in particular kept me going. I know you must be thinking that's crossing the line. I looked at it for a few seconds, swapping from one camera to the next. I can't remember the story I read on here by a girl who was stalked and she ended up getting him locked up for cyber stalking her webcam.In my defense, I almost immediately closed the tab when I saw it. It seemed to be a common house, nothing unusual about it. In a panic rush, I pulled my headphones off, got up from my chair and closed the browser. Yeah, I'd be curious to know if she ever found out what happened. I tried looking through the curtains, but they were thick enough so nothing was visible outside. The first time I saw this place, were the curtains closed? I looked around the floor and on the bed, but it was not there. The footage has been suddenly replaced with a recording of myself. In it, I was using the computer, drinking a beer and eating a snack. There was something strange about the video though. I turned on every light, looked in every corner, below my bed, behind the shower curtains, behind the fridge, inside the closet. You just know OP was referring to this sub, which has been getting a lot of front page attention in the last few weeks. One of the top threads of all time from that sub is a PSA from 8 days ago mentioning that they were being invaded because of an r/askreddit thread. In the bedroom camera, I could see the bedroom and the desk as usual, but not the laptop. It obviously wasn't live, it was a recording from my own laptop's webcam. The silhouette of a person was standing by the window. I barely knew how to use a knife to cook, but I grabbed one anyway. But they still needed to know how to find this person's computer. I explained to an officer what happened, how this person spied me through my webcam. It's still hard to sleep though, thinking I could have ended up like that person who was tied up and crying desperately in the stranger's house.A couple of weeks ago I came across a list of controllable webcams. like, she has no idea, at all, and thanks to r/askreddit and that controllable webcam thing thousands of people are invading her privacy and stalking her. Unless you are using your webcam cover that bitch up!It was a whole list of links, each one leading you to a website that showed an open camera feed. Some places were in different timezones, and there was little you could see through the night. this is just so damn creepy (btw, paranoid as i am i clicked the link to see if it was not my house or anything - oh the irony). Maybe there's another way that's more techie but if they can hack it when it's on, what's to stop them from hacking the computer and turning it on?But he says he always wondered if they could see him like he could see then on days his footage was correct. I recently went out to to eat with my parents and we met with a family friend at the restaurant, anyway he showed us on his phone that he could hack into other people's webcams in the area with a few clicks of a button, there was a ton within its range to access.He clicked on one and it pops on a person's laptop cam and they are just browsing on the computer, then does another.


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