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If your partner starts talking and you immediately tune out what they’re saying, this point applies to you.

If your partner starts talking and you immediately tune out what they’re saying, this point applies to you.

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We’ve all seen those couples who just look bored all the time when they are with each other.

It leaves many people fearful that this will one day happen in their own relationships.

If this seems familiar, next you might find yourself looking for signs your relationship has become boring, and praying it hasn’t. However, after a long time with a partner, that magic of the honeymoon period is bound to fade out, even if only a bit.

Then you’re there with your partner in a really comfortable zone, without even the slightest hint of spontaneity ever, and running out of things to talk about and you have the awful realization… Don’t get me wrong, boring doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, as long as it’s not making either you or your partner unhappy.

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