True dating horror stories

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Make sure you click through to page three for my favorite worst date story of all.

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Lessons: If you’re going to lie to try and impress a girl, then at least make the lies believable.

And if you really don’t know who Edgar Allan Poe is, then you need more than a dating lesson my friend.

And I’m not even touching on the falling asleep during the movie incident.

Halloween Disaster A few weeks after I broke off my engagement, my sister tried setting me up with this guy she worked with.

He tells me he’s reading “The Cast of Ontiago” by “sum writer” named “Egar Alan Oh”…if I didn’t already have enough reason to erase this from my memory, that sealed the deal.

He can butcher our date, but butchering literature is where I draw the line!

When we got there, all he ordered were cucumber rolls because he was Vegetarian. He then proceeded to order sake AND beer and pound back shots by himself. So we picked up his cousin, who was even stranger than this guy. Then, the guy asked if it was cool if we hung out in his garage (a garage “party” with three people…. He stopped to pick up some four loko Meanwhile, I texted my friend to pick me up and get me the hell out of there!

When we got to his garage I kindly told him I had to leave and hopped into my friend’s car.

When I got there, the person at the door told me there was a cover, but I had no cash.

I texted the guy I was going to meet because I thought he would have either told me there would be a cover or pay for my cover.


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