Truck driver dating

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The Money A truck makes money by carrying as much shit as possible, safely, to your destination. But the truck also costs you money, which is taking back a portion of that paycheck.

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Then when things get really tough, I use the drill press.

I have a Ridgid 15″ machine, which is the largest one I could find.

But with the recent oil boom and bust, and the even bigger housing boom we are just starting to roll with here in the ‘States, there’s a big chunk of your money at stake, and I’d rather see you hold onto it instead of seeing it go up in smoke.

So I’m just going to put this out there nice and clear: Your Work Truck is Killing You, and making you look like a Big Dumbass in the process.

For every inch you raise the suspension or every bump in tire size, you’re burning up thousands of your own dollars.

Truck driver dating

For every extra horsepower you have on tap, the story is the same.

You are wasting your own money and looking to the rest of the world like a dumbass who can’t choose the right truck.

And unfortunately for most truck owners, this is Always.

At that moment, the truck is earning the money you paid for it.

Unfortunately for most gentlemen, this moment is Never.


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