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I’m not sure how my colleagues are planning on dealing with this but I know at least one was allowed her access back and got a grilling about how she was going to price across other platforms.To clarify, I made on Sensual Mistress in a month what I make on Niteflirt in a weekend.Globally, milk consumption is on the up, set to increase by 60% in the next three decades.

By falsely tethering the concept of progress to free market economics and centrist values, Steven Pinker has tried to appropriate a great idea for which he has no rightful claim.I have exchanged emails with him about features id like to see on the site and he listens.I’m small potatoes on C4S and the owner takes the time to listen to my concerns. Her calculations about how much I make on C4S was inaccurate B.I sold my fetish clips with them (since retired) I continue to sell my Mp3s with them.They have paid me on time for years and years and years.The site is run by a Hypno-Domme who goes by Samba and the site didn’t look professional, it still doesn’t. At the end of last year a colleague of mine, a top selling Hypno-domme, with a sterling reputation convinced me to put my files up on Sensual Mistress for sale. The way the site does payments to its content creators there was also a high fee to getting paid about 4%. Meaning I made 61% of each sale and that my friends is a shitty deal.She had been listing with them since the beginning and told me of her positive experience. I decided that for Sensual Mistress to remain worth the effort I would have raise my prices on Sensual Mistress .00 per file.The email in return when it came was that the site couldn’t allow me to raise my prices.At that point it was done, I sent my termination letter, asked for my profile and listing to be removed and that all outstanding monies be paid in 24 hours.Other sites offered other services that were of value to my business C.If listing my content on her site was predicated on HER pricing my content (on her site and others sites) that I would happily remove my profile and files from her site.


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