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He may completely forget a date because he's in the cellar inventing something."It's Dolores Hawkins again!Inside the mag are instructions for how to sew that cute dress on the cover!We suggest taking a peek at our gorgeous 1950s dresses, a favourite here at Collectif!

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Our first little stall opened up in the quirky depths of Camden Market, and we have been growing ever since.

We pride ourselves on designing and producing all of our own 1940s and 1950s inspired clothing in both our Collectif Vintage and Collectif Mainline collections.

" —Helen Valentine, Editor in Chief (aka the Ann Shoket of 1944! In June 1945, in the midst of World War II, Seventeen gave up a cover model in favor of a letter urging the American people to buy War Bonds to "hasten the victory and speed the return of your fighting men." The mag also provided other important practical wartime advice — a Dating Dilemma from the September issue: "If Johnny is overseas in the army, what kind of Christmas present would be most useful to him? "Guys in the Navy want foot powder, saddle soap, and sun lotion."World War II had just ended, and girls were all about doing good — hence the Red Cross cover — and welcoming back the soldiers.

Some sage dating advice from this issue: "Do point out Johnny's best feature.

Say something like: 'You have hands like a doctor's, strong and efficient.'" Try texting that to a guy these days and see how he responds!

had an article on advanced square dancing techniques. There was also a lesson on modern art in this issue, including reprints of paintings by those historic hotties Van Gogh, Cézanne, and Matisse.

In a world that is changing as quickly and profoundly as ours is, we hope to provide a clearinghouse for your ideas. This issue featured a farming trivia quiz and "How's Your Menu Technique?

As a magazine, we shall discuss all the things you consider important — with plenty of help from you, please. Say you agree with Seventeen or disagree violently, say we're tops, say we're terrible, say anything you please — but say it! Seventeen has been doling out dating advice forever — this April 1945 issue was the annual "Girl-Meets-Boy" issue. " which gave insight to your restaurant ordering personality.

("With a reassuringly minor amount of effort, you can easily manage even a midweek date, school notwithstanding.") Wanna know?

It involves doing your homework during study hall and lunch, going out earlier in the night, and, once in a while, "when schoolwork requires a session at the library hitting the books, turn it into a date."Dolores Hawkins, a singer from the '50s, wore a checkered green dress and little white gloves on the January 1955 cover.


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