Taylor swift needs to stop dating

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I’ll be the first to admit that , her album released in 2013, was not nearly as good), and she has now become someone who is scrambling to stay relevant by all means possible.

Meanwhile, Taylor has been silent on the whole situation for a while now, which just shows one thing: Katy is still using this for publicity because she has nothing else to use to get people talking.

At this point, it’s obvious that Katy is holding onto the spotlight by mentioning Taylor’s name at any given moment, and…

'Friendly relations between Scotland and America': Taylor posted this adorable photo nearly a year ago of ehr and ex Calvin which currently has 2.6million likes for one of the most liked images on Instagram He was four years her junior, and his family said their romance was ‘very sweet’, but no one was too surprised when they broke up four months later — Kennedy was jettisoned in favour of a Harry Styles, the One Direction superstar who was the hottest young man in the world.

Her history of publicity-soaked but brief romances has led to plenty of speculation about what is really going on in her life.


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