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Please note that there is a secret Famitama family which is not included in this list. I'll try to find pictures of them, if I do i'll post them.

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Mimitchi First appeared on the P2 tamagotchi and has appeared on newer versions as well (Tamagotchi version 1 - 4).

we won't be seeing Mimitchi anymore since she's been dropped from the Familitchi characters :(I don't know if I've included this link before...here's a link to tamenagerie with all the V5 characters.

If the animal is neglected, however, it becomes ugly and unruly.

Eventually, the animal “dies,” though nurtured animals do “live” longer than neglected ones.

The name “Tamagotchi” is a wordplay on the Japanese “tamago,” which means egg (Gilson 368).

Appropriately, the game begins with a tiny egg, from which hatches a virtual animal.Mighty Atom's background story explains he was built as a companion for a father who lost his son. This creature was a robot cat with an over-sized head, sent from the future to guide a young boy.From these examples, one can easily see a connection between Japanese character robots and their ability to connect with humans (Gilson, 367).When your tamagotchis beep for seemingly no reason it means they want to interact with each other.Depending on how you care for the family they will aspire to different talents such as intelligence or creativity doing art. There's so much to explain about this version of the connection that it's not even funny.Check out the Git Hub repo to contribute or report a broken link.This is by far one of the best Connection tamas ever!You get to raise 3 characters on one screen as a family!Hence the chimney because it's like they live in a little house under one roof ^_^ They have 4 different games. In order to unlock the other two games you must have a father and mother figure present.The object of the game is to care for the animal by performing various functions, including feeding it, playing with it, disciplining it, allowing it to sleep, and maintaining its hygiene.If the caregiver does a good job, the little animal thrives and evolves into more sophisticated, attractive forms of itself.


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