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“It’s a type of relationship that we didn’t invent; we just optimized.”Urick said there are both male and female Sugar Daddies and Mommies and Sugar Babies, as well as LGBT relationships.

She said she’s seen transgender sugar babies who are transitioning find mentors/partners who had been through the same thing and could help them through the process.“Lots of Sugar Babies find mentors...

“Usually the top schools are in bigger cities,” likely due to higher populations, Urick said.

“Lately, the past few years, we’ve seen a lot more smaller towns.” OU ranks 22nd on the site’s list of “fastest-growing Sugar Baby” schools, and Ohio State ranks 47th with 392 registered students, 101 of whom joined in 2017 alone.

Urick said she thinks more students are interested in these types of relationships because of increased student debt and tuition costs.

“People are looking for alternative methods of paying for school,” she said.find people to invest in their business,” Urick said. It’s not about finding someone you want to be with for the rest of your life.”Users must be 18 to register for the site but as far as requirements go, “That’s pretty much the only one,” Urick said. “We do Google image searches, we check their profile, make sure they’re not a scammer,” Urick said.The site also offers third-party background checks as an option for its users who pay for the extra verification on their own account."In business, partners sign business agreements that outline their objectives and expectations.What is the point of dating for free, when there are wealthy men out there willing to pay you to go on dates with them? Technically, a sugar daddy is defined as a rich, older man who enjoys giving gifts, particularly more expensive ones, to young women in return for their company. What makes a man want to become this kind of figure in the world?Most relationships on the site are “Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby” connections in which one party offers financial support to the other, Urick said, but the site offers a multitude of other types of relationships.“It’s not really a new kind of relationship, but it’s new for people who are becoming more accepting,” Urick said.("Sugar Babies" are over 80 percent female, at least according to statistics kept by the site.) To be clear, the number of sugar babies is still small: Only 400 of the university's 27,229 students currently have Sugar Baby profiles.But the number of new sign-ups at PSU increased 35 percent between 20.“People are having these relationships and it’s not really a behind-closed-doors thing,” she said. Calling Seeking Arrangement a dating site is a bit of a stretch.


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