Stop wii updating

But crafty hackers have found that more than simply photos can be sent to the Wii in this fashion: hack files.

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Only the Wii update notes are clear about the true nature of the changes, but there have been many confirmed reports of certain flash cards no longer working on the DSi, as well.

With prices about to drop for the DSi, a new crowd of gamers may finally rid themselves of their DS Lites and level up to the dual camera system, and this flash card firmware update came very close to the September 12th price decrease. I personally have been using the homebrew channel on my Wii legitimately for the past couple of years, and although I do understand the fear of piracy, I think it’s interesting that Apple was forced earlier this year to allow jailbreaking while Nintendo continues to fight on a fairly regular basis to give hackers and modders something else to work around.

But of the big three current gen systems, the Wii has made modding a viable option.

Unlike past systems like the Xbox or PS2, modding a Wii doesn't require any physical tinkering and costs way less than one would think.

The methods out there are great but I myself use the flash memory on my SD rather than an in case modding.

You only need to purchase a few things to do this, things you may already have.(Soft-modding is what we've been talking about, meaning we aren't modifying any hardware, just letting the software hack files do it all.) Keep in mind the soft modding methods out there will void your warranty with Nintendo and that if you send in your Wii for repair, Nintendo can and will replace anything not up to date. A 100 HD can store many backups and files and can easily be loaded and removed.In this article we really only touched the surface of modding a Wii (or any console for that matter), there are much more detailed articles out there.Modding a game system used to involve lots of fun opening up a game system, inserting chips or other various items, tinkering with the internals and dealing with the fact that going online or playing games with certain anti-mod software was no longer available to a system modified in such a way.And then there was the amount of risk for those not well-versed in physically modding a system; hard modding could cause irreversible damage if done wrong, and the loss of money (and even your system) to untrustworthy people that offer the service.Those who got impatient and killed the power on their system — never do that during an update — or had the misfortune of a power cut, meanwhile, ran the risk of a bricked system.Life would be so much easier, particularly for impatient people, if you could run the download in the background, right?If one complaint drowned out all others among excited Wii U owners on launch day, it was the waiting time to install the system update.Depending on your internet speed and the performance of the Nintendo servers, the download typically seemed to take anything between 45 minutes and three hours, and then you'd have another 10-15 minutes while the update installed.Before you jump for joy, look up that Wii's model number and update version. They basically are being nice and saying, 'stop tinkering with our system'.If it's not version 4.1 (or lower) or worse, has been fully updated with all current Wii updates, then most likely you will not be able to soft mod it. So if your Wii has a major issue, try to find a technical friend first. Eventually, that SD card will be full of hacks, backup games and the like. This is where a portable Hard Drive can come in handy.


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