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A range of stock characters (Harlequin, Captain, Doctor, Pantaloon, Zanni, the Lovers etc.) were represented by stylized masks.Each character had a series of comic "lazzi" (business).

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House Centre / House Center is the centre line of the auditorium (which is usually the same as that of the stage).1. "There are ten characters in scene one, all of whom have speaking parts."). Within the text, characters may be presented by means of description within stage directions or character descriptions which the actor must try to convey or through their actions, speech, or spoken thoughts within the text.

The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual within the world of the play. An actor facing too far upstage (so that he/she is invisible to the audience) may be requested by the director to "cheat out", and turn downstage slightly, to improve audience sightlines.

These images can be painted, printed or drawn on any sort of material.(CENTER CENTER in the USA) - the position in the centre of the stage space.

Downstage Centre (DSC) is the position at the front of the stage, Upstage Centre (USC), and Centre Stage (CS) or CENTRE CENTRE is the centre.

It's performed for the actors and any remaining crew and sometimes friends and family, but usually has an 18 rating.

Jokes refer to any incidents during the run of the show, and send everything up with no holds barred."Out" in this sense means towards the audience, and rather than being a derogatory term, "cheat" simply means to improve the situation (sightline in this case) without anyone realising it's not a totally natural position.The art and craft of designing the moves, pace, flow, structure and execution of a piece of dance, or any other piece of rehearsed movement.Usually known as NON-TRADITIONAL CASTING, this is the casting of ethnic minority and female actors in roles where race, ethnicity, or sex is not specified, or against that specification. an adult plays a child, a black actor plays a part previously played by caucasian actors, a woman plays a previously male role).Italian comic form - started in the Renaissance, and still has massive influence today.Sometimes very nerve-wracking, but auditions can be a fairly painless process if handled properly.Performers are often asked to memorise a monologue from a play they like to perform for the director. You may be asked to do a ' Cold Reading' which tests your own response to a piece of text you've not prepared. "The LX cue needs to go four beats after the door is closed" or "Leave it a beat after the blackout, then play the sound cue").The performances were based on the pre-rehearsed lazzi, but were largely improvised.A non-traditional style of directing, which involves taking a text (play, musical) only as a starting point to express an idea or opinion, which may be unrelated to that of the original author of the text.Along with the West End of London, Broadway theatre is widely considered to represent the highest level of commercial theatre in the English-speaking world.From the Italian for "Sung Story" or "Singing History" this is a theatrical form where a performer tells or sings a story while gesturing to a series of images.


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