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Conventional air weapons do not fall within the remit of the Firearms Enquiry Team, as they do not, except in certain circumstances, require certification.

However many people are interested in this subject and have asked for information.

An adult at risk may therefore be a person who; However this list is not exhaustive and can also include ‘self-neglect’ to cover a range of behaviours such as poor personal hygiene or health, and neglect of surroundings such as cleanliness and ‘hoarding’.

Signs that an adult may be at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation can include; It is important that we do not make assumptions in relation to vulnerability on the basis that an adult may be older or they have an identified disability or mental health issue.

These officers and staff investigate incidents of adult abuse in Dorset as well as working to safeguard those at risk.

For information and advice about care and support for adults in Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole please click here.If the vehicle does have valid road tax, please contact Dorset Police via our do it online form, with the registration of the vehicle, approximately how long it has been in its current location, and the concerns you have. If you wish to travel through Dorset with an abnormal load you must first notify and obtain authorisation from Dorset Police.To submit your application, please contact the Abnormal Loads Department on 01202 227652 or via email: [email protected] notifications received by the Abnormal Loads sections will be authorised or refused and the applicant advised prior to movement.If the vehicle is on public land: You should check if the vehicle has valid road tax by clicking the below link for the website.If the vehicle does not have valid road tax please report it to the DVLA here.It is possible to measure the velocity of pellets, discharged from an air weapon, by the use of an electronic chronograph.From these measurements the kinetic energy of the pellet at the muzzle can be calculated.Failure to do so may result in the driver being reported under Construction and Use offences.An adult at risk of abuse is defined as; someone who has needs for care and support, is experiencing, or is at risk of, abuse or neglect, and is unable to protect themselves against the abuse or neglect, or the risk of it.An air weapon differs from a conventional firearm by the fact that it, and the pellets discharged, do not contain any explosive substance.When the trigger is pulled the pellets are forced from the barrel by the discharge of compressed air or other gas.


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