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(the chat sucks and third-party reddit apps don't support it yet so there's a good chance I won't see it! I believe in love, romance, building a family, building a career, life long learning, personal growth, and oxford comma. No place is 'too far'; America, Asia, Africa or somewhere else-- I'm open to anything! I just don't have that someone to talk to in my life right now. Anywhere you see a link, you can watch a pointless gif (A SUPER low quality gif) of me writing on a piece of paper some highlights of what I'm writing in my post. I hope I don't feel like a loser posting this and someone takes a chance on me 😂 I forgot that I'd wanted to add audio to this to make it a whole... If you JUST want the audio, I walk through my WHOLE post so you can ignore the text. Ideally, I'd like to find some people who are working on projects, as I've started a new novel/novella. I'm from Poland, but I've been living in Ireland for... I have a couple friends, but they're mainly online, living in Poland. Apart from this (hobby) psychology, I write music, play video games, do some sports (swing dance & badminton) and study. And 185 pounds or 83.9 kgs but muscular not fat as I play a lot of soccer and other sports. Most of my time is spent binging anime or playing jrpgs but I do love TV and Movies as well. I'm pretty sweet and fun to talk to so HMU if you are interested :) Anyone feel like talking about anything and everything or playing games? Most of the time I’m either playing VR, making terrible music or just talking, I also like to consume naughty liquids every weekend with others.

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Currently I'm watching Arrested Development & Futurama.I also take an interest in the history of England & the American Civil War. :) I should note that im not really into the whole personality-type test thing but it seems like a lot of people are so i took it and put it in the title anyway lmao. Currently got into more strategic games like Civ5, Endless Legend and such, but i still play Rocket League, Stardew Valley and whatever there is in my library left untouched. Though I haven't watched one since December last year. I would obviously prefer someone in the same time-zone as me but I find myself playing at all hours and so it's not a strict issue. hello all my name is sarina and i have 4.5 hours left on my road trip. about meee i’m 23, live in florida, like going to shows (i just odesza last week), going to festivals, all of that hood-rat shit got a few questions so it won’t the usual boring conversations where i stop replying after a few messages.Books - I enjoy reading however I have to be in the mood for it, I mostly read books based on History such as SPQR by Mary Beard or Rubicon by Tom Holland however I do occasionally read other stuff such as Pillars of the Earth, the mistborn trilogy & recently finished reading Ready Player One which was quite good! Super introverted and shy 19yr male in the midwest USA here. have you ever been sky diving or something cool like that? my profile is nsfw, please don’t be weird/creepy about it because chances are i don’t care how hard your dick is. Never been to the Northwest, so this should be an adventure.Films - I'll watch pretty much anything if it catches my eye.Some of my favorite films include Heat, Chinatown, Rear Window, Batman Returns, The Dark Knight & Dodgeball.Some of my hobbies include: Music - I love music and listen to it everyday, mostly my big playlist that has anything from Aretha Franklin to Rammstein to Poison to The Prodigy to Tyler, The Creator to Thundercat & Wumpscut. Currently I'm listening to a lot of Thundercat, Carpenter Blut, Dance with the dead & Perturbator.Gaming - A big part of my life (A common theme around here I know) Been playing video games since I was little, playing Legend Of Zelda & Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES.Also as the title says, I'm a big guy which will put a lot of people off which is completely understandable, so that I don't waste anybody's time I'll put a few pics pic 1 pic2 of myself here at the start rather than at the bottom of the post (Why read through a wall of text just to find out that the person in the pic isn't your type due to size/looks right?) Another unfortunate downside and a common theme is that I do have mental health issues which makes interaction awkward at times and due to these mental health issues I am unable to work, my apologies.Enjoy travelling in my uni breaks, roadtrips with friends, going to gigs, a good old netflix binge, all the standard stuff. Just got home from Canada a couple of weeks ago, and trips to South Africa, Thailand and Tunisia are already on my calendar. I prefer getting to know each other over voice, so 10 Bonus points if you're open to that! 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While I've already started planning some other destinations with Redditors I've gotten in touch with the past couple of weeks, I'm still looking for more places to go and people to meet! I hope I can find someone to talk to cause I am really bored. I am funny, sarcastic, cheesey, and I feel over all a fun person to talk to. Audio - Vocaroo Ukulele Audio - Vocaroo I wanted to make a more interesting post, but with the dumb limitations I have with Reddit and r4r, it's been tricky, but I THINK I finally figured out something a tad bit more interesting.


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