Sophos not updating on server

sophos not updating on server-80
Copy the files and folder to \Policies\Policy Definitions, or C:\Windows\Policy Definitions.

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He found some Windows Updates that caused a logon delay.

Xen App recalculates WMI filters on every reconnect.

Xen App/Xen Desktop 7.15 includes Adaptive Transport, which uses EDT protocol, which uses UDP Ports 1494/2598 for HDX connections to the VDA.

The UDP ports should already be open in the Windows Firewall.

Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) is enabled by default. Also see CEIP at Citrix Insight Services at Citrix Docs. The Connection Quality Indicator tells the user the quality of the connection.

For example: Position of the indicator is configurable by the user. Download it from CTX220774 Connection Quality Indicator and install it. Group Policy templates are located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Connection Quality Indicator\Configuration.

Configurable Registry keys are located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Desktop Helper.

Each value is detailed in the accompanying Word document.

On an Exchange Server 2013 server you may encounter failed content indexes that are preventing end users from being able to run searches in OWA and Outlook.

A failed content index will be visible in the output of Get-Mailbox Database Copy Status: Get-Mailbox Database Copy Status * | ft -auto Name Status Copy Queue Length Replay Queue Length Last Inspected Log Time Content Index State ---- ------ --------------- ----------------- -------------------- ----------------- DB01EX2013SRV1 Mounted 0 0 Failed And Suspended DB02EX2013SRV1 Mounted 0 0 Failed And Suspended DB03EX2013SRV1 Mounted 0 0 Healthy DB04EX2013SRV1 Mounted 0 0 Failed And Suspended DB05EX2013SRV1 Mounted 0 0 Disabled Log Name: Application Source: MSExchange IS Date: 2/16/2015 AM Event ID: 1012 Description: Exchange Server Information Store has encountered an error while executing a full-text index query ("e Discovery search query execution on database 191987bf-5e9f-4ba4-b13b-3cadcb9e51f5 failed.").


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