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), the episode basically had one story, unlike the usual double-bill.This was a positive move, though not without some problems.Included in this is a major fall when Mc Garrett -- who has been cautioned by his doctors not to drive a car or operate machinery for two to three months -- jumps off a building and after he lands, you can see blood on his shirt.

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If Five-Zero's episode 14 of season 2 is to be forever known as "the Subway commercial show," this episode will be forever known as the "Zombie Jack Lord show." At its beginning, Mc Garrett is visiting the chapel in the medical center where he had his liver revamped and some guy is there in the room with him, who looks very much like Jack Lord. But it was worse than that, especially for fans of the classic series.

While getting berated by her, Mc Garrett makes even less eye contact with the governor than before.

In the mouths of these murder victims, including Hein's and Larsen's, is something that looks like it is carved out of walrus ivory.

Jerry investigates and finds that these are part of an 11th-century chess set which was stolen from a home eight years before.

Pierre Shaw (Jesse La Flair), who was suspected of being connected with this robbery (though nothing was ever proven), has recently been paroled for possession of stolen goods.

In each of these rooms is a murdered tourist couple with their eyes gouged out.

The newly-elected no-nonsense governor of Hawaii, Keiko Mahoe (Rosalind Chao), is quick to arrive on the scene and make sure that Mc Garrett understands this kind of crime will give the islands a very black eye (no pun intended by me).


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