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A nice read for the person interested in architecture or antiques... This edition also includes an Appendix of four articles: Electrical Kite, The Way to Wealth, The Whistle, and A Letter to Samuel Mather. Bachelor Ballads, illustrated by Blanche Mc Manus: David Mc Kay, Publisher, 1898. Detailed descriptions of his experience buying the property, building the architectural model, dealing with the contractors, to finally furnishing the finished rooms. Note that this book edited out 3 paragraphs where Franklin referred to his youthful daliances, which I have edited back in with notes where added. Profusely illustrated with photographs taken in the wild.

A wonderful incite into the daily lives of the Chinese of the time.

— Another book from Robert Fortune, as he travelled China purchasing tea. — From one of the Masters of the Arts and Crafts movement, here is his perspective on the importance of printing along with detailed information of all the publications of Kelmscott Press and the printing font he created... — Wonderful illustrations by Blanche Mc Manus added to a series of late 18th and 19th century authors poems songs, including the full version of Auld Lang Syne (by Robert Burns), The Hunting Song (by Sir Walter Scott), The Betrothed (by Rudyard Kipling) and others by Charles Lamb, John Quincy Adams, William Makepeace Thackeray, Ben Johnson and many others!

Nice descriptions of the people and land, but a little too focussed on the christian missionary mentality.

— This is an interesting travel book describing travel through Tibet in the late 1800's.

Volunteers interested in researching little-known authors/illustrators listed here are encouraged and welcome! Detailed description of their trip, collecting animal specimens for American Museums.

Yes, this was a time when stuffed specimens were all the rage and Asia was newly opened to the Westerner interested in the natural sciences.

Topics include: The Cost of Living Abroad, The Lone Woman Traveller, Tips and Tipping, The Woman Traveller and the French Cafe, Winter Sports in Switzerland, French Law for Foreigners, etc....

It also includes wonderful illustrations by Blanche Mc Manus.

— A fascinating book on life for a woman travelling through Europe alone, with other female friends and with her husband. We was friends with Theodore Roosevelt, helped raise public awareness against patent medicines (and helped to start the beginnings of the FDA), led the fight to save Niagara Falls from the electric companies and much more.

— An interesting autobiography of an imigrant boy who meets famous writers of the time and goes on to be the editor of the Ladies Home Journal.


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