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The impact of sexual assault is unique for each individual, and many find it helpful to talk to someone who is trained to understand and assist victims/survivors of sexual assault.

SPRINGER: You are not interested in being with him, he is just a customer, right? We have Iran that's trying to get nuclear missiles.

We have North Korea that's threatening us with nuclear missiles.

He said many in the media have "minimal experience, very thin background, ideological agenda." "You know, Sean, on a serious note, the media in this country is really as low as I've ever seen it before. And they have done this 24/7 for weeks the same network that never interviewed Juanita Broaddrick until October of 2016, Mark. They got the greatest ratings they've had since-- (CROSSTALK) HANNITY: Well, CNN doesn't have those. But the truth is if Donald Trump's last name was Kennedy we'd not be seeing a thing of this. Bill Clinton was accused of having sex with an intern in the Oval Office.

It's not really the media -- you've got a lot of people who poured into these stations and poured into these newspapers that have had minimal experience, very thin background, ideological agendas," Levin said on FOX News' Hannity. This is not tabloid, this is agenda-driven sucker-driven dribble because he has an agenda against Donald Trump. Bill Clinton was accused as attorney general in an official position of raping Juanita Broaddrick. JERRY SPRINGER: You are young, you like to have fun.

Guest speakers with related expertise are also brought to campus by Registered Student Organizations.

Counseling Services provides a variety of related educational and informational media for campus community use upon request.

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Tuesday, Mark Levin said Anderson Cooper will "never live down" his interview with adult film actress Stormy Daniels about her alleged relationship with Donald Trump before he was elected president.

Levin said America is in a tough place right now because the media is supposed to protect people from the government and instead the 'Praetorian Guard media' are "mouthpieces" for the left, for the Democratic party. Because he asks the same question as Jerry Springer asks. Number one, why is it assumed thought porno actress and ex-playboy bunny are telling the truth and why are the media focused on this? Bill Clinton was accused of sexual assault in the Oval Office.

Job -- John Kennedy had a relationship with an East German spy. The media have ignored the rogue activity the highest levels of the FBI. They know that Trump supporters aren't going to be persuaded by any of this.

John Kennedy had sex with an intern in the White House pool. The media have ignored Russia's influence in the election. But what they are trying to do is get the people out there who don't really pay a lot of attention.


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