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In , a Supreme Court case involving students suspended for wearing anti-war armbands, the Warren court decided that schools must protect the freedom of speech on political matters as long as they do not disrupt the educational environment, with Justice Abe Fortas writing in the majority opinion, “Neither students nor teachers shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.” It’s hard to argue how something “disrupts education” simply by not being in line with “community values”; certainly, the whole reason the posters were up in the first place was likely to educate Corunna High students about gay icons.

And in this case, Johnson herself as well: she is gay, though she claims she was not out until after her firing.

We’ve heard this “values” language before, but even for Michigan, this particular fight seems like something from ages ago.

In an interview with NPR’s Michigan Radio, Marko had this to say: They wanted to punish her for exercising her First Amendment rights.

And because they disagreed with her, they were going to drive her out.


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