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DSA has conducted such reviews for more than 400 campuses across the country. Stafford & Associates is prepared to conduct a pre-audit review to assist you in planning for a scheduled audit and to identify areas of weakness that can be rectified prior to the arrival of the Department of Education.Have you considered whether information that is publicly-available, for example on your institution’s website is demonstrating compliance with the Clery Act, or providing evidence to the contrary?Would your institution benefit from a low-cost, independent assessment of publicly-available consumer information?DSA has developed a proprietary system for conducting audits and assessments.During the review, DSA provides hands-on assistance in establishing a model program for the institution to follow when complying with the Clery Act, based on their policies, procedures and practices.We have developed a methodology for conducting an off-site review of 12 key compliance areas that, where deficient, tend to suggest more systemic compliance failures.This type of information is low-hanging fruit for a Department of Education Media Review or Audit.Such services can help the institution demonstrate its good-faith efforts to get into and maintain compliance in any deficient areas identified during our review.We can provide a list of satisfied clients who have used this service prior to a Department of Education audit. Stafford & Associates provides on-site training classes for individual college campuses and will suggest the involvement of various members of the campus administration to ensure that all aspects on the Clery Act (including the VAWA and HEOA amendments) are understood by the key administrators on each campus.Click here to learn more about our national Clery Act Compliance training programs or to register an individual to attend one of the training programs. Stafford & Associates has developed a comprehensive Title IX Audit and Compliance Service that blends on-site assessment with thorough off-site document/policy review informed by stakeholder interviews. Stafford & Associates Title IX Audit and Compliance Services will include the following: D.Stafford & Associates will complete a basic review of the existing Sexual Misconduct Policy to ensure compliance with the requirements outlined by the Office for Civil Rights and the Violence Against Women Act.


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