Sex dating in acton california

We've done the swinging thing - FMF, MFM, MFMF and even a group setting but got tired of the whole "scene" surrounding it. It's very easy to join this adult dating site - just complete the registration form (answer three questions and choose a user name - only takes a minute) and you're set to go.We're looking for another open-minded, sexy and sensual couple who is happy and secure in their relationship, but want to explore with another couple.We're looking for couples to whom we're physically attracted, although physical attraction is just one component that makes us take notice.If someone causes you any concern or is abusive you can report them to our membership team who will investigate them.If anyone asks you for money or asks you to do anything illegal please report then right away.We love to be naughty, but we're not just looking to fuck. We are looking for a couple to call to say "Hello" sure we'd love to meet for coffee,a drink, listen to alittle music, share a dance.We're looking for a couple we crave to be with -- whether having brunch, sharing a bottle of wine or sharing our bed. And definately alittle adult fun.*s* We have found "Best friends" in eachother.Intelligence in a potential playmate is a major turn-on for both of us.We find attitude and outlook extremely sexy as well. We hope you are the same deeply in love couple that wants to expand your eroticism with alike minded couple. We get butterflies at the excitment of new friends.We're very affectionate with each other, and we're looking for a couple with whom to share our affection. We know there is enough of ourselves to welcome another couple to be "Friends" also.If your real, honest, especially with eachother and respectful feel free to email us to say we have found our "Friends".


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