Sending a second email online dating

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Yes, some of the answers may be stupid, but that’s OK. There are plenty of other women dying to meet me and you both online and offline!

With this message, you make it clear this is your second message and you are giving her another chance to reply, “Because we are all overloaded.” Hey, we are all overloaded and chances are if she sees your message, she’ll be more likely to reply. Sundays or after dinner Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night when she is more likely to have time to be reading messages.

Many women will look at your profile before they decide whether to read your message or not, and if they don’t read your message, they are certainly not going to reply.

If you have a great profile, you will absolutely get more replies.

You won’t get anywhere if don’t put yourself out there. Don’t: reveal too much too quickly Nobody wants to trawl through an essay on your life, either in your profile or via those early emails.

If you’re match isn’t interested, they either won’t respond or will send you a polite ‘Thanks, but no thanks.’ You can’t take it too personally – she or he hasn’t met you in the flesh! The key is to be open and friendly while still maintaining a bit of mystery.

When replying to a match via email, use two-to-three-sentence responses.

If in doubt, it helps to draft an email, walk away and return an hour later to review it, edit it and, when satisfied, hit send.

Accept that dating online will involve some chasing.

If you find someone who catches your eye, send an icebreaker or a friendly email.


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