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I go on Grindr looking to make friends who could, at least potentially, be sex partners, but I like to do the friend thing before the sex." Grindr is an app designed and marketed to facilitate hookups, but some people have found friends, lovers, and husbands on the app (usually after hooking up first).

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He’s kind and sweet, caring and giving, and his penis is divine. The only time I see him really “feel” are when he’s high, which he is semi-frequently. He seems the way a “normal” person does when they’re in love, but when he’s sober, it’s like he’s trying to mimic the things a person in love would say or do.

The thing is, he confessed to me recently that he doesn’t really “feel.” The way he explained it is, the only emotions he feels are fear and anxiousness that he’ll disappoint the people he cares about. I confessed I am falling in love with him recently and told him I wasn’t saying this with any expectation of him feeling the same; I just wanted him to know.

He responded that he cares for me a lot — but that’s it. I don’t want kids, so time isn’t critical for me, but I don’t want to be with someone who won’t ever love me. “The fear with someone who doesn’t ‘feel’ is that they may be a psychopath or a sociopath, terms that are used interchangeably,” said Jon Ronson, author of The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry. My hunch is that your boyfriend’s problem isn’t an inability to feel love, LOVE, but an inability to recognize the feelings he’s having as love.

You didn’t use the P-word (psychopath) or the S-word (sociopath), LOVE, but both came to mind as I was reading your letter. “And lots of the items on the psychopath checklist relate to an inability to experience deep emotions — like Shallow Affect, Lack of Empathy and Lack of Remorse. This line: ‘The only emotions he really feels are fear and anxiousness that he’ll disappoint the people he cares about’ is the critical one. In fact, my favorite thing a psychologist said to me about this was: ‘If you’re worried you may be psychopath, that means you aren’t one.’ Also, psychopaths don’t care about disappointing loved-ones! (Or potentially love, as it’s only been eight months.) What is romantic love but a strong desire to be with someone?

Because good partners (sexual or otherwise) communicate their wants clearly.

Adding something like this to your profile should do it: "My preferred form of sexual relationship is the friend-with-benefits situation.Are you exchanging messages at two in the morning for 20 minutes?Because most guys on Grindr at that hour are seeking immediate sexual encounters.So he can feel love — he just has to learn how to tap into those feelings and/or recognize them without an assist from MDMA.Jon Ronson had one last bit of advice for you, LOVE: “Marry him and his divine penis!I post on dating websites, go to the lesbian club, take part in the LGBTQ scene at my university, and put myself in places where I might meet women.But I'm worried that my persona deters women: I'm extremely analytic, a doctoral student and university instructor. She says something like, "Oh, I'm not good at describing things," seemingly feeling like I'm giving her a quiz. I think I'm a pretty attractive person, but my dating life is starting to make me feel differently. — A Lesbian Obviously Needs Excitement You're doing all the right things — almost.— Talking Online Repulses Some Others Always be up front about your intentions, TORSO.The best way to do that is by creating a profile — on Grindr or elsewhere — that clearly describes what you want and what you're up for.Whenever I meet a girl, our conversation always goes in the same direction: She thinks it's cool I work with literature and then brings up her favorite pop-culture novel like Harry Potter. You're getting out there, you're not shy about initiating conversation, and you're moving on multiple fronts.I say something like, "I've never read Harry Potter, but people rave about it. That said, ALONE, I'm surprised this hasn't popped into your extremely analytic head: If Y happens whenever I do X, and Y isn't the desired outcome, then maybe I should knock this X shit the fuck off.


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