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A few years ago, if you wanted to hire a good-looking, up-and-coming movie star who could handle comedy, drama, and action (all while inspiring MASH notes from female fans), you'd likely consider Bradley Cooper or Ryan Reynolds, two actors who'd managed a successful jump from the small screen and were even friends in real life.

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I’m just saying, though, they seem awfully bonded, these two.Rumors are rife that Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock might be dating and that the budding relationship, if true, was nudged at by another big star and close friend to the two, George Clooney.Months after the controversial separation that led to Angelina Jolie filing for divorce from Pitt, reports are swirling around that Pitt might just be on the road of moving on with the help of the "Ocean's Eight" actress.The public seems to like the idea of Pitt and Bullock dating.After all, they both have gone thought challenging times with their former mates. For instance, they are A-list celebrities who have adopted children, and they have George Clooney as a mutual friend.Reportedly, Brad and Sandra have been secretly seeing each other and might take things to the next level.They have a long history because of their careers and moving in the same social circles.A couple of years ago, the two made a connection at a George Clooney's charity event.At the time, Brad was married, and Sandra was in a relationship.Even though they are on speaking terms again, Pitt himself said he is moving on and reconnecting with old friends, and he seems happy about it.However, he never mentioned that one of the old friends is Sandra Bullock.


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